Why Gender Equality Stalled?

I tend to have a bit of fun with avowed ‘feminists’ (and ‘red-pillers’ alike) about what they so fervently identify with. Usually follows the line of – ‘WTF you on about? What does that even mean?’

The problem with ideology is that it is rather abstract. And that, is the primary reason why people end up taking positions that could get extreme, when their assumptions are challenged. ‘Operationalising’ ideology is never the easiest of mental activities.

Identifying with a recommended set of attitudes (or thought, for that matter) is one thing. Figuring out how it works at the level of -‘Why should I be the one to take out the trash? Or change the diaper?’ – is another altogether.

So, what one finds, when speaking to some of these kinds, is the usual – you can see that they just don’t get it.

Imagination – as a feature set – seems sadly deficient (or, if I were to be kind, rare) amongst the human species.

I’ll leave you to think about the two words in the title of this post.

Would we like our children to have an attitude that treats the genders as equal? As a sort of ‘fixed’ point-of-view (think ‘static’)? Like a rule to apply?

Or would you like them to have a mindset that looks at what is equitable? A bit more ‘alive’ and dynamic. Would you not agree?